jack roth bio

Jack RothMyrtles Plantation ghostsWhile examining photographs he took at the Myrtles Plantation (La.) in 1995, Jack Roth noticed some strange anomalies. This discovery prompted him to contact Andrew Nichols, Ph.D., a world-renowned parapsychologist and president of the American Institute of Parapsychology (AIP). They met to analyze the photographs, which Dr. Nichols believes are some of the most authentic and compelling he has ever seen.

It was after their initial meeting that Jack decided to use his journalism background to pursue paranormal research. One of his first investigative forays occurred in New Orleans, La., in 1997, when he wrote and co-produced a television pilot demo titled Hauntings: A Journey Into the Unknown. In part, due to the profound and life-changing nature of the experiences he had during that project, he realized that both the scientific and spiritual implications of paranormal phenomena needed to be considered seriously.

Career highlights include:

  • From 2001 to 2007 — in an effort to document witness testimony — coordinated and led hands-on weekend excursions during which he took guests to various haunted destinations across the United States. These events enabled the general public to partake in workshops and in-depth field investigations at some of the most active paranormal locations in the country, including Gettysburg (Pa.), Savannah (Ga.), Charleston (S.C.), San Antonio (Texas), as well as St. Augustine, DeLand and Orlando, Fla.
  • Appeared as a principle investigator in Ghost Detectives, a one-hour TV special that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2001.
  • Hosted Southern Ghosts Radio (2005), which debuted on Clear Channel Communications AM 540 WFLA and explored the world of the paranormal and high strangeness.
  • Interviewed for the Gettysburg-based documentary titled The Other Side: Giving Up the Ghost in 2007.
  • Participated as an on-camera paranormal investigator in several TV demos for the Emmy Award-winning production company Lightworks-KPI Productions. One of the company’s shows, Haunted House for Sale, aired on the DIY Network in October 2011Ghost Soldiers (watch the entire episode here).
  • Along with paranormal investigator Patrick Burke (American Battlefield Ghost Hunters Society), co-authored the book Ghost Soldiers™ of Gettysburg.
  • Co-produced and co-wrote the award-winning documentary film extraordinary: the stan romanek story (2013), which focuses on one of the most documented alien abduction cases in the world. The film premiered at the 2013 Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival and won a Special Jury Prize. The documentary is currently available for DVD purchase and digital download at www.altPOV.tv.
  • Currently developing two other book projects, UFOs and the Sunshine State, an in-depth look at the history of UFO activity in Florida, and Chasing Shadows, which is based on his personal journey of discovery that began more than a decade ago at the Myrtles Plantation.
  • Developing several documentary film projects through j3FILMS.

With all of these projects, the goal is to make people think outside the box, open their minds and ask the important questions that will ultimately lead to a clearer understanding of the universe and the mysteries that shroud it.