broadcast #7 -- Ricky Butterfass

By altpovtv

Ricky Butterfass delivers some fireworks during this Fourth of July broadcast of He has some amazing things to say about the Atacama Humanoid, the CE-5 Initiative on ET contact, the suppression of clean energy alternatives by the power elite, and why it is up to us, and NOT our governments, to make contact and establish relations with extraterrestrials.

In 1992, Butterfass joined with UFO researcher Dr. Steven M. Greer as a fellow ambassador and field researcher at the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He has worked on three major projects since, including the Disclosure Project, CSETI Ambassadors to the Universe CE-5 Initiative and The Orion Project (new energy R&D). He was an associate producer and cast member in the 2013 documentary, Sirius, which follows Dr. Greer as he struggles to disclose top-secret information about classified energy and propulsion techniques. Butterfass is also co-author of the book Paths to Contact, True Stories from the Contact Underground.

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