Broadcast # 15 - Ruben Uriarte

By altpovtv

UFO researcher Ruben Uriarte discusses his extensive research in the area of UFO crashes and their subsequent cover ups. He also talks about the fact that, over the years, many of these crashes have occurred along the southwestern United States and Mexico border. Ruben has conducted several investigations throughout Mexico over the years, and he shares a fascinating story about a Mexican boy named Claudio, who in 1993 had a strange encounter with alien beings near Mount Popocatepetl. According to Claudio, they communicated with him telepathically and told him that there would be a "war" that occurred in New York and that this "war" would put the entire world on alert. Eight years later, on September 11, 2001, we experienced the darkest day in American history when we were attacked by terrorists and New York City became a war zone. Tune in to the show to find out why Ruben believes the aliens that communicated with Claudio in 1993 were accurately predicting the future.

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