Customizations & Support

Customize Our Patient Care Guides

Our patient care guides are presented in a standard and engaging format. We realize that hospitals and clinics may desire to customize any materials that are shared with their patients. We will gladly work in collaboration with our customers to develop custom versions of our patient care guides to include:

  • Custom book covers with an image of your health system
  • Your health systems branding & logos
  • Page inserts about your healthcare system
  • Maps & directions for navigating your health system
  • Important Contact information & phone numbers
  • Specific menus from your food services
  • Promote your: MRI/radiology, cancer or rehab center, or maternity ward
  • Pictures of your health system placed within the patient care guides
  • Health & Wellness Information specific to your health system
  • Specific information about your health system
  • Advertisements of other hospital services
             (transportation, nursing home, adult daycare)

In the very competitive healthcare marketplace, hospitals and clinics are competing for their patient population, and our patient care guides provide opportunities to engage with your patients and your community.

Our patient care guides were designed to be recognized as durable medical equipment and be provided for patient specific use, to avoid cross-contamination between multiple patients. Upon patient discharge, the patient is encouraged to take the patient care guide home with them to be used with their care givers, and for subsequent office visits for future medical needs in communicating with their medical providers.

Please contact us prior to placing your order to collaborate with our design teams.

Supported Patient Care Guides

To support the conversation, our team of professionals is seeking to define alternative reimbursement and third-party billing strategies related to patient translation services.

We have partnered with healthcare advertisers to include appropriate advertising within the patient care guides and provide a savings on to you.

Please contact us prior to placing your order to collaborate with our design teams so that we can include the appropriate advertising partner.